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Total Defence Day 2019

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Fake news in on the rise. As it plagues the digital platform where many gather their information, our survival hangs in the balance. It’s time we put a stop to the rumours and lies


Our next battlefront lies within the digital sphere, and our enemy is the plague of disinformation. It seeks to upset the peace we’ve worked hard to achieve. For Total Defence Day 2019, we team up with the Singapore Discovery Centre to expose and highlight how fake news impacts Singapore’s stability and survival. We share stories of local encounters as well as examine how misinformation has led to conflict in foreign lands.


Our storytelling takes us through the turbulent years when misinformation was rampant. Our only solution is to unite in the fight against those who seek to threaten our safety and security.

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How it went down

We took the visitors on an immersive journey that brought them to the scene of some of Singapore’s most turbulent times. As the story progresses, it expands geographically to share stories from foreign lands. In the final part of our storytelling, we introduced our visitors to the onslaught of rumours, lies, and foreign propaganda initiatives through a series of digital interactive engagement touch points. They came face-to-face with the task of deciphering a message through all the noise and understood that our survival depends on it.

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National Day 2019

Special Exhibition

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Join the fight on our next battlefront.

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