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National Day 2019

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It's been 200 years since the arrival of Sir Stamford Raffles. Singapore has prospered into a city-state that stands alongside the best on the world stage

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The year is 2019, and it has been 200 years since the raffles landing that happened in 1819. Together with Singapore Discovery Centre (SDC), we wanted to celebrate the milestone in conjunction with the national day. We needed to dig deep to tell the stories of Singaporeans whose contribution made our success today a reality and reinforce how we will continue to strive as one nation.

We had an expected audience of over 300,000 people from kindergarten students to the proud men that are serving their national service duty. It was a storytelling effort of epic proportions.

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HMC Rebrand_v4-27.png

What does it mean to be Singaporean?

How it went down

We told an epic story through an epic set. Together with the team at Singapore Discovery Centre, we designed and planned a guided museum experience that led visitors through a linear storytelling journey filled with digital and traditional content. We segmented the journey into three phases - past, present, and future.


There was a particular emphasis on the content team due to the nature of this project. To populate the exhibition, we scoured the island looking for people with interesting stories and photos that help in our narration. From street and home interviews to archive footages, the result was nothing short of an enlightening experience that brought warmth and a sense-of-belonging to every visitor.


National Day 2019

Special Exhibition

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