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Transform your cancelled events into virtual events!

Safe distance? 

Try long

distance instead!

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Welcome to the "New Normal". This is Virtual Experiences.

Imagine hosting a mesmerising visit to the night safari or an insightful seminar catered for hundreds, all from your living room couch. With Virtual Experiences, you can turn all that into a reality.

HMC’s approach to Virtual Experiences enables you to break free from the generic template. We’re leveraging our years of creative and marketing expertise alongside our pioneering partner from the Virtual Experience industry. We’re offering Onsite-to-Online solutions expressly for your unique business objectives.

We're reinventing the "CLICK" for your next virtual event.

"CLICK" to


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Our key features.

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Customer Engagement

Foster brand growth and loyalty

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Mixed Reality

Merge real and virtual experiences

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Customised Sets

Break free from living-rooms and study rooms.

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Smart Registration

Track and manage your guests

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Data Analysis

Collect and analyse measurable user data

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Video Streaming

Host, manage and share content


Virtual Experience




Live Seminars

Marketing Campaigns

Hybrid Events

Product Launches

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