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Temasek Suite

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The air smells of burnt rubber and the night is filled with the sound of roaring engines making their passes at 300km/hr. The race has begun


A spectacular decade of accomplishment was to be celebrated at the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix 2018!


A night of killer parties, fast cars, and incredible music would mark 10 years since F1 landed in Singapore back in 2008.


As part of the event, a celebration would take place at the Temasek Suite. VIPs and social elites would be in full attendance, so we floored the pedal on design and engagement to deliver a picture-perfect finish.

HMC Rebrand_v4-27.png

How it went down

HMC Rebrand_v4-27.png

Home of Formula 1 Night Racing


We needed to engage and amuse, and so we made sure to do just that. Using simple lines as inspiration, we created a whole array of displays and art to convey the spirit of the racetrack and incorporated a perspective artwork that reveals itself at an angle. But wait, that’s not all. We wanted the space to come alive, so we boldly went where few have gone before - animatronics.


We designed scaled-down scenes and sets that moved! They even had accompanying sounds and lights too! From a music festival and to the Singapore Flyer, these animatronics brought an extra dimension to the suite. There are more to share about the design of the space, but these were the areas that really nailed it for us. It also helped that the race was exhilarating.

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