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National Day 2018

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2018 marks the 53rd year of independence for Singapore. Everything that we’ve achieved was made possible because we’ve played our part in active citizenry

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In 2018 we teamed up with Singapore Discovery Centre (SDC) to commemorate Singapore’s 53rd birthday! We had the idea to create a with a playground-style exhibition where thousands can come to play and be reminded of their part in active citizenry.

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We identified key messages as pillars -  Care, Cohesion, Progress, Resilience, and Trust - that eventually formed the foundation of our exhibition. We wanted to inspire and encourage all Singaporeans to active citizenry by sharing methods that anyone can adapt and contribute to the community, and we did just that.

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One Nation Strong

and Free

How it went down

Like a playground with many stations, we presented a series of cleverly thought-out activities with nationalistic elements across different zones. We made sure to have a mix of both tactile and digital activities to mix things up! Just to name a few. Visitors could interact with the caring residents on a projected block of flat to or get in the ring and go a few rounds with our resilient tumblers!


We even had a local-snack themed theatre that visitors could chill and watch inspirational short stories of ordinary Singaporeans who’ve made remarkable differences. At the end of the day, we achieved what we set out to do; we pulled Singaporeans together in a fun and enjoyable way to celebrate our National Day.

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