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The Low GI Sugar Campaign

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A new guy is in town, and his name is Low GI. His antics can be hard to understand at first. Some are saying that he’s mean, but perhaps he only means you well

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SIS Sugar

The war on diabetes is far from over. With Corporations, the public and even governments determined to snuff out the condition and restore balance to our health, SIS sugar have launched a new product to help with just that. However, the issue of public perception poses a great threat to the success of this new product launch that might go on to save many.


Tasked with ensuring a successful launch for the product, SIS Low GI sugar, we embarked on an extensive storytelling effort to reach out and impact lives.

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How it went down

Because people better relate to a character than a product or company, we gave birth to Low GI. An anti-hero hero that has absorbed the worst of public perception but continues to do the excellent work of keeping us healthy, regardless of what we may assume.

After the birth of Low GI, he led our campaign strategy that included both digital and traditional marketing. He became the face and mascot of the new product, and his tale was retold almost 600,000 times on the popular media platform - YouTube.

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A new low for sugar.

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