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The Golden Jubilee – Celebrating the 50th

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After five decades, Deloitte decides to have their first party - a golden jubilee. It was to be a night with sparkles, promises and wonder


Deloitte Singapore celebrated its golden jubilee in 2017. To commemorate their extraordinary accomplishment, the organisation set out to organise an event that is meaningful and upholds the integrity of its people, clients, and society.


However, there were challenges in featuring elements that upheld the integrity of the organisation’s core pillars. The challenge further evolves as we seek to develop deep and meaningful energy between the elements to deliver a coherent and compelling event.

HMC Rebrand_v4-27.png

Deloitte’s first celebration in 50 years.



We broke the key elements into two parts, i.e. “Client and People”, and “Society.” We applied “Gramercy” to the Client and People in the form of a black-tie banquet at the historical venue of Clifford Pier. Then, we planned the literary to integrate an element of society. The night’s entertainment saw local celebrity dessert chef, Janice Wong delivering an extraordinary chocolate art piece with Diana Ser as the evening’s host. The list continues with Singaporean talents such as the T’ang Quartet, Clement Chow, as well as the brilliant students from North Light School.

We’re glad to say that for their grand celebration, we managed to uphold Deloitte Singapore’s brand values and integrity through our design of the event. It was a success filled with meaning and purpose. We’d like to think that we’ve played a part in forging new bonds while some were renewed that evening.

HMC Rebrand_v4-27.png
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