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Our story starts with a handful of berry excited and creative individuals. 


They’re all different in their shape and sizes but they work really well together.

Meet the cast

We are addicted to good stories. Like a                                , your journey with us will take you on an adventure.

whimsical sitcom

Alex Quek

Sales and Marketing Director

Clarence Chiuh

Business Development Director

Joshua Goh

Senior Copywriter

Nur Amalia

Product Designer

Romeo Ashraff

Solutions Consultant

Sha Feryna

Senior Graphic Designer

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The Plot

Everyday- businesses stumble upon us. They receive creative power-ups that allows them to eat up their competition! 

We start with developing the concept and content then figuring out the available solutions before finally the fitting them all within the audience journey. 


  • Understand and identify the main purpose(s).

  • Design key messages with supporting content.

  • Design an impactful yet pragmatic experience.

Concept & Content


  • Implement suitable interactive experiences.

  • Utilise digital solutions to gather audience insights.

  • Use traditional and digital media for presence, impression and content.



Audience Journey


  • Deploy strategic multi-channel outreach efforts.

  • Deliver great story-telling and foster 2-way engagement.

  • Implement process for post-engagement learning and interaction.

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