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Product Launch for BASF

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With a sole interest in taking people further than they’ve ever been, BASF’s latest product launch took their partners to the magical country of Vietnam…


BASF flips open a new chapter with their latest offering to the manufacturing industry. Intending to revolutionise the comfort and durability of footwear for everyone, they needed to convince their audience of the practical applications of their latest materials… but how?


We needed a story and a theme that is representative of their brand values that could manifest itself as part of the event launch.



When launching BASF latest product line, we faced a serious question. How can we communicate the unique selling point of a … material?  Well, after the think tank got together, we decided that we’re going to have to transform these materials into interactive experiences.


From there, we designed a station for each material each uniquely positioned to showcase a specific property. In total, we had five stations. It doesn’t end there; the stations were to reflect sustainability and nature, which represented the brand nicely and was in-sync with the cultural design rhetoric of Vietnam.  The guests had a great time interacting and learning about the new materials, and towards the end, a grand feast was catered. All in all, it was a launch to remember.

HMC Rebrand_v4-27.png

We’re committed to sustainable and eco-friendliness.

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