Strategic Processes

Concept & Content, Solutions, and the Audience Journey — these are HMC's 3 key components that open the door to an exceptional brand experience.

At HMC, we have veered off course from traditional strategies that broadcast brand and product benefits to a wide audience to adopt a wider variety of marketing techniques. We are geared towards immersion with a multitude of engagement methods.

Concept & Content

Understand and identify the main purpose(s).

Design key messages with supporting content.

Design an impactful yet pragmatic experience.



Implement suitable mediums that enhance interactive experiences.

Utilise digital solutions to gather audience insights.

Use traditional and digital media for presence, impression and content.


Audience Journey

Deploy strategic multi-channel outreach efforts.

Deliver great story-telling and foster 2-way engagement.

Implement process for post-engagement learning and interaction.


Our Value to Your Brand

At HMC, it’s not just what we can do for your audience; it’s what we want to do for you. We don’t see ourselves as technicians that simply execute your creative experiential needs. We’re partners working together to enrich and enhance ideas that achieve the best for your brand.

At the end of the day, while most of our endeavours are crafted towards delighting your audience, our goal is to position your brand for when that delight becomes reciprocation.


Increase brand awareness and presence.

Maximising touchpoints with 360 coverage.

Nurture resilient mental brand presence.





Increase overall perceived brand value.

Effective communication of the brand's value proposition.




Integration of new data point that provides insights.

Updated approach with innovative marketing methods.



We're proud partners of


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